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Heater Cooler Mixer With Screw Loader

Overview :

Minimum Order

1 Piece


500-1000 L


Mild Steel



Automation Grade


Country of Origin

Made in India 4-


270 kg/hr

Surface Finish

Color Coated

Automatic Grade


• Bulk plastic materials (PVC, WPC, PE, PP, ABS etc.)
• Technical plastic materials (PA, PC, TPE etc.)
• Special materials (WPC, PTFE etc.)
• Powder coating stuffs (including bonding)
• Additives
• Colour pigments and colour concentrates
• Foodstuff
Our Manufacturing Range comprises the following:
• PVC and WPC mixing plants
• Mixers for pre-mix masterbatches, WPC, pigments and powders in
• Mixing plants for powder coating

List of Advantages of the MAXOOUT plants:
• All important plant components (mixing vessels, mixing tools,
electrical cabinets etc.) are manufactured in house, thus giving us a
very tight control over the quality of our products.
• Only first class electrical, electronic and pneumatic components,
motors and gearboxes of reputed international brands are used in
our products.
• More than 10% of our workforce is dedicated for designing and
engineering of our products.
• Our mixing tool production offers tailor-made mixing tool designs
for different applications on MAXOOUT mixers as well as for
other mixer brands.
• Our mixing tools are coated with wear-resistant material thus insuring and extended lifestyle.



• High heat transfer coefficient.
• Short cooling cycle.
• Excellent dispersion with efficient cooling
• Robust, easily serviceable and maintainable construction.
• Corrosion and abrasion resistant.
•Easy and perfect cleaning.
• Self-cleaning, easy fitting and removal.
• Twin jacket for cooling with forced circulation of cooling water.
• Intensive cooling of mixed material.
• Long life and low noise level.

Sr.NoModelCharge Batch
 Capacity (Kg)
Main Drive
Main Drive
Tool Speed Vessel
Cooling Surface (Sq. mtr.)
1MHM 10/PCM4033.70.75910/9010/40151.3
2MHM 50/PCM 150157.51.51000/9050/150751.7
3MHM 130 R/PCM 40040153.71000/48130/4002003.5
4MHM 130/PCM 40040183.71000/48130/4002003.5
5MHM 200 R/PCM 40070303.71000/48200/4003503.5
6MHM 200/PCM 40070373.71000/48200/4003503.5
7MHM 200 R/PCM 60070305.51000/52200/6003505.0
8MHM 200/PCM 60070375.51000/52200/6003505.0
9MHM 250 R/PCM 60090375.51000/52250/6004505.0
10MHM 250/PCM 60090455.51000/52250/6004505.0
11MHM 350 R/PCM 600140555.51000/52350/6007005.0
12MHM 350/PCM 600140755.51000/52350/6007005.0
13MHM 350 R/PCM 1000140557.5750/45350/10007006.5
14MHM 350/PCM 1000140757.5750/45350/10007006.5
15MHM 500/PCM 150020011015750/65500/150010008.0
16MHM 500/PCM 200020011018.5750/65500/2000100011.0
17MHM 750/PCM 150035013215650/65750/150015008.0
18MHM 750/PCM 200035013218.5650/65750/2000150011.0
19MHM 1200/PCM 300050025037600/651200/3000250014.5
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